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Levi Kraft

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Hey guys, Levi Kraft here! Minot, ND is home for myself, my wife Lindsey, and our two boys Bruno and Leland. We completely enjoy the Minot area and embrace the great things it has to offer. The boys have turned us into regulars at the zoo and pool! My path to real estate started way back to my earliest memories where I was helping my father on some fix and flips in the mid 90’s. I was also always interested in the fixing that went on in our own home as I grew up. This led me to where we are today. We have several complete remodels under our belts and have completed new construction homes as well. I am fortunate that Lindsey shares the same passion I do when it comes to homes and all the steps to get them to a level of beauty for the occupant to enjoy! Fast forward to my first closing as a realtor, and I was so happy to feel the same feelings of excitement along with the buyers as I did on my own purchases. I look forward to working with you and enjoying the buying and selling process together.